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Tracy Ann, Psychic Medium, LLC

Sharing messages from loved ones.................. from beyond



"She's Making My Recipes!"

Posted on May 23, 2017 at 8:45 PM

     As a psychic medium, I am continually amazed by the way spirit communicates. I have found spirits incredibly resourceful in getting their message to a loved one on Earth. During a mediumship reading, spirits often make reference to the physical and emotional characteristics that defined them during their life on Earth. As a medium, I am merely a conduit for spirit to communicate their message to you.

     In order to make sense out of what I receive, I have developed a communication system of symbols which spirit uses to convey their messages. For example, I am shown outstretched callused hands, which is my symbol for a blue-collar worker. I may see them waving an American flag, which is my symbol for military service, and, furthermore, boots indicating the Army, a ship for the Navy, a plane for the Air Force, and my husband's face for the Marines!  I am shown a black spot over the part of the body which caused their death, or I may feel a pain or tingling in the area of their suffering. If my feet feel numb, I know the spirit had a mobility problem while on earth. 

     I've also come to learn that loved ones who have crossed over like to mention objects you have inherited from them: pocket watches, crosses, rings, jackets, and portraits. One spirit I recently channeled, expressed apology for his packrat-style, crowded garage which was left for his children to clean. I had one Italian grandfather in spirit show me the oak barrels in his basement for winemaking.....cheers, grandfather!  One of my favorite signs is when a spirit (usually a mother or grandmother) holds up a big wooden spoon. That's my sign for a love of cooking! Lately I've been doing the bulk of my mediumship readings in the predominantly Sicilian town of Middletown, Connecticut. Many Sicilian & Italian grandmothers and mothers have made note of the recipes their families on Earth continue to make in their honor: Christmas cookies, ricotta pie at Easter, big pots of homemade sauce, and even "rice balls." I have heard proudly, "She is making my recipes!" While on Earth, these spirits showed their love to their families through their cooking, and so they wish to acknowledge how their love is being passed down through the generations.  I have had spirits show me their favorite TV shows, their bad habits (smoking and drinking), their bald spots, chubby tummies, less-than-stellar teeth, and swollen ankles!

     Spirits never lose their sense of humor and never lose the love they have for us here on Earth! The sense of love they impress upon me for the person I am reading is unmistakable; in fact, their emotion often overtakes me, and I feel the urge to give my client a big hug! If there is one message I can convey to you, I would want you to know that your loved one in Heaven continues to notice your daily life, your celebrations, triumphs, and struggles. So talk to them--they still hear you, and be reassured that their love for you transcends physical death.  Love is eternal!

Many Blessings, 


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